WebFOCUS Consultant

Ron Agterberg

WebFOCUS developer

A good WebFOCUS developer is hard to find, there are not many around or they work for big consultancy firms. What to do when you are in need of a WebFOCUS expert? You do not want to hire someone for an extended period of time or have them on your payroll, you just use a specialist when needed. So a flexible and affordable professional.

When you recognise this you are in the right place.


WebFOCUS help

I help with WebFOCUS application maintenance and development, like:

  • adjusting existing WebFOCUS reports or HTML pages
  • creating new reports or HTML pages
  • unlocking new data sources
  • extending Portals or Dashboards
  • maintaining ¬†authorisation rolls and -groups
  • manage Reportcaster jobs
  • user management
  • screening existing applications on efficiency and quality

A partnership can take place in one of the following ways:


One-off job


Credit system with fixed duration




Agterberg Automatisering

As an independent professional I want my customers to profit from my extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of WebFOCUS. Next to that I have a pragmatic and flexible attitude.

I started at Information Buiders in 1987 and after 4 year continued as a independent consultant, I developed and maintained WebFOCUS applications for a great number of companies, mainly in the Netherlands but also abroad.

A selection of companies I did projects for:


If you have any questions or want to exchange ideas please contact me, no strings attached.

My telephonenumber is +31 6 55 383 707 or just enter your data in the form and I will contact you.